The mechanism of gray hair dyeing

Products called gray hair dye can be divided into several kinds. Many items called hair color are also circulating, but this is also a kind of what is included in this though it is different in the way of calling. As a feature of hair color, there are two kinds of medicines, one drug and two drugs, which are mixed and used. One agent contains oxidation dye and alkaline agent, and two agents contain hydrogen peroxide solution. Mix these two medicines and paint it on your hair, so that the alkaline agent firmly opens the cuticle first. And by using a mixed solution, the hydrogen peroxide solution is decomposed. Although it is scientific so far, safety is guaranteed without saying something is bad for the body. Still it may not fit allergies and exits, so let’s do a patch test firmly.

This decomposed hydrogen peroxide solution will decompose the melanin pigment contained in each hair and change the color by oxidation dye. It is a feature of the hair color to bleach hair once it decolorizes it once. For this reason, the color appearance becomes stronger, and even if it is dyed once, it can be dyed firmly. Moreover, if the effect is long lasting, once it makes a haired hair dye, it can maintain the dyed state for about 2 to 3 months. If you want to save as much dye as possible, we recommend using hair color. However, it is necessary to understand that the burden on the hair and scalp becomes large because it bleaches and soaks the dye inside the hair again. Therefore, people with weak hair quality may have hair with split ends and split ends. Also, if you get on the scalp, it is not unlikely that skin problems such as rashes will occur.

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